Speak To Us Of Love — Short Film

When time allows, we endeavour to work together on projects that are just for us. A testament to how well the Breeder team work together, we couldn’t have been more pleased with how Speak To Us Of Love turned out.





The Source Material

In his book of poems, 'The Prophet', Khalil Gibran devotes each chapter to an important life event or theme, and his chapter on love was so moving we decided to put his beautiful words into motion. Gibran writes about the many different types of love that exist; we responded to this by creating a visual parallel between love and water. Just as we can’t live without love, we can’t survive without water – both are essential, eternal and all-consuming.


With the goal of bringing this story to life in 2D, we started storyboarding and designing directly in After Effects – a twist on our usual process. This led to animating in tandem with design, instead of designing and creating assets in Illustrator. As a result, our short film developed its nuances organically. 

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