Something Digital — Conference Opener

Something Digital invited us to create a short conference opener on the theme of “The Future of Digital” – with a simple but en pointe conference message: that humans are always, and will always be, at digital's core. These titles show that we couldn't agree more.


Direction, Motion Design, and Illustration.



Our Approach

Given full creative freedom by our clients at Something Digital, our key aim was to delightfully reflect the agenda and events of the conference. Driven by motion with a text and type-driven message, we interspersed warm illustration at key moments to reveal topics and themes as they flowed and felt good. Laying down the foundational topics for the conference in a playful way worked on a practical level as well, planting seeds in the audience's minds to refresh them on which events they could look forward to.


Finding creative inspiration ended up being easy – we just looked at eachother. Blending simple vector shapes and gradients with playful frame-by-frame inky linework is one of our favourite approaches to illustration.

Driving the message home

Playing on the storytelling within the conference's theme allowed us to make the most of the dichotomy of digital geometry and hand-drawn, emotional elements. The different topics at hand had our openers nodding in light, curiosity-piquing ways to the potential at the intersection of new technology, and the beautiful imperfections of sentient beings. Being sisters with venture design studio Josephmark, we know that the digital and the human can play together well.

Want to go on a date with the happy, chubby little sunset in the bonus scene at the end of the credits? We don't blame you. Drop us a sweet line.

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