Good Moves

In 2016, we launched Good Moves – a chart of the best motion design on the web. By housing a broad selection of quality motion that’s easy to navigate by date, Good Moves quickly became a time capsule of the hottest motion design around – and incidentally, a successful experiment in organic, content-driven growth.


Ourselves and the creative industry.


Curation, Branding, Motion Design, Interaction Design and Content Creation.



Hopeful Beginnings

At the outset, Good Moves was simply an experiment. As a studio, our team spent bulk time each week doing artistic research, including keeping abreast of everything at the cutting edge of motion design work to stay ahead of the curve.

It was much harder than it should have been. We couldn't identify a simple, central, content-first location to easily binge watch the cream of the crop – let alone one that was curated with real quality, and real neutrality. We birthed the first iteration of the Good Moves website to test demand (read: see if everyone else wanted a destination like this as much as we did). Delightfully, we were correct.

Growing up

Closing in on 100K organic Instagram followers, we initiated the annual Good Moves awards in 2018 to keep spreading the good vibes, and give our community a chance to have their say. We also launched our first interview series, Good Chats: giving readers a deeper cut on how their favourite pieces of motion are brought to life. We're proud that Good Moves has evolved from being just a small group of motion nerds – working alongside an algorithm to surface the cream of the crop – into an eminent destination in the wider design industry for fans and makers alike. The power of our community has evolved how we operate the platform; leads on the hottest new motion design of the day often come directly to us through the site's finger-on-the-pulse fanbase.

Got an Apple TV?

You can get your GM fix on your tele, just search for Good Moves. 

What's Next?

A Good Chats podcast, the next Good Moves awards... and a couple of other select optimisations that are for us to know, and you to find out.

Want to dob in a gorgeous Good Chats interviewee, or flick us a heads up about the next #damngoodmove? Drop us a sweet line.

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